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⭐ Name: Castle Cats - Idle Hero RPG Castle Cats - Idle Hero RPG is the most famous version in the Castle Cats - Idle Hero RPG series of publisher PocApp Studios
💥 Publisher: PocApp Studios
🏷 Genre: Games
📂 Size: 128M
➡️ Version: 3.3.1
Mod Version 3.3.1
Total installs 5,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 3+
🔃 Update: November 22, 2021
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The Cat Kingdom is a peaceful place, but one day the devil came and invaded it. Now you must lead your cat army to fight against Satan.

It’s not easy for cats to survive in the battle with Satan because they are weak and small, so what do we need? Of course, we want more powerful cats!

And that’s why this game is called Castle Cats MOD APK! With our modded version of Castle Cats Mod Apk, you can easily get all kinds of strong cats from us!

You may doubt whether or not our methods work at first glance. But if you take a look at these pictures below carefully, I think you will find something interesting about them…

What is Castle Cats APK?

Castle Cats APK is an original game for your mobile device that has its inspirations from well-known titles like Clash Royale and League of Legends.

You will be needed to build, defend, attack, and explore strategic complexity through this medieval fantasy world with the help of wizards playable in single-player or multiplayer modes!

One player can experience a wholehearted story as our towers are connected via trading posts created to consolidate resources. You have developed tactical skills you even didn’t know about, so find out which life-evolving moments await you!

Castle Cats is a traditional idle game where players build up an imagined castle while training royal cats. This game features dozens of challenging levels with many possible paths to explore, helpful items and friends, special tasks at the Kingdom Fair, and more than fifteen kinds of achievements to obtain.

Hire your idle cat crew for hours of fun as you await visitors from across the country! An artful pixelized design combined with soothing music creates a meditative atmosphere that encourages focused gameplay without sacrificing lively storytelling and rich humor.

Highlights of the game Castle Cats MOD

  • – All the best parts of cats are in this game
  • – Lots of customization options for your kitty
  • – The perfect gift for every cat lover.
  • – You will have the opportunity to explore a new world with your friends.
  • – You can play as one of three different cats, each with its own special skills.
  • – It’s fun and easy to learn how to play!
  • – The Pugomancer’s monsters will be able to help you fight your battles.
  • – You’ll have a variety of different types of cats that can help you out in battle.
  • – Be excited about battling and never feel bored again!
  • – You will be able to explore the world of cats
  • – Explore dungeons and fight monsters
  • – There are over 60 different types of cats to collect
  • – You’ll be able to defeat the zombie army.
  • – Build your own guild with brave cat warriors.
  • – Join the fight against zombies and recruit a total of more than two hundred unique cats!
  • – Battle your way to victory with the help of your army.
  • – Collect and create unique cats for battle.
  • – Show off your creative skills and make a guild that’s all yours.
  • – A fun and exciting game that will keep you entertained for hours.
  • – Collect new recruits to upgrade your cat’s abilities.
  • – You’ll feel accomplished when you find a new cat in the game.
  • – You can focus on the game more.
  • – It’s easier to get the upgrades you want.
  • – Your cat heroes will be so happy!
  • – No need to wait for your heroes
  • – All your rewards are just as good but easier
  • – You’ll never have to worry about running out of return tickets

Feature of Castle Cats Unlocked Money, Free shopping!

1.- It’s a game with everything about cats.

Behold, a game with everything about cats. All are here, from the main character to supporting roles and even some heroics for when you need them most!

There are also fur color customization options as well as eye colors so that your feline friend can be any breed or size they decide on – it’ll make an excellent gift idea no matter who gets it (I mean, my friend loves these things!).

2.- It’s a fun and challenging game.

The cat-themed game you’re playing includes a group of heroes led by Conan the Knight and including Catniss, who is an archer.

Your mission: fight together against Pugomancer to save their peaceful kingdom from his dark powers! There are 15 rounds in this round-robin quest, so do well with your skills as a player/leader.

3.- The more you play, the better your monsters will get.

The Pugomancer’s monsters are very diverse and interesting. They have all kinds of cats, from zombie-like ones to flying or robot types, but they do share one thing in common: an ability that can be used during battle for effectiveness!

The cast will get increasingly more aggressive depending on how many enemies you face throughout each round so make sure not only yourself is protected by their self combat system until then.

Because if there isn’t enough room left on your team without any player controlling them (especially with battles becoming exponentially harder as time goes), chances are good these baddies won’t let up anytime soon, even after being defeated initially.

4.- Explore a kingdom full of danger and adventure.

A cat kingdom is a magical place where you can adventure, explore the depths of your inner self, and learn more about yourself. Heroes are always on their guard against danger in this RPG-style game that has everything from fighting to collecting cats!

To defeat the zombie army, players must create their own guild with brave cat warriors. Through victories and defeats, they recruit a total of more than two hundred unique cats who each have their own skills and characteristics, like Luna Sparkles or Cassandra, for example.

Emma can be sentinel to restrict enemy movement while Shen is an excellent fighter but lacks HP regen abilities making him weak against status ailments which makes it hard for him to take them down quickly without healing himself first!

Each time someone joins as a recruiter, you will need to send out these recruits in order to train their spirit or upgrade specific attributes depending on what type of person belongs under that category (individual).

The game starts with an Alchemist cat. Throughout your journey, you will continue to rely on the magic winch of Alchemy and create unique cats for your group in order to fight against enemies! Every time they defeat one of these baddies, there is loot waiting for them and points towards upgrading skills, among other things that allow players more customization options when building their army.

There are even over 100 items available, so no two guilds are alike here; it really does look like everyone has made some very colorful creations indeed!

The more cats you find in here, the better. They have their own unique shapes and colors and different abilities that can be used for strategic purposes when playing this fun game!

Plus, there are all sorts of upgrade screens where I get to collect new recruits, which really ramps up my excitement level as well.

5.- Level up your cats faster with less time spent.

The game is a hybrid of the Idle and Towerocate genres. Just put your cat heroes in position, wait for them to hit themselves with an item or attack from another hero next door–and then come back when you’re ready!

You’ll still get all rewards even if upgraded; it’s just so much easier now that new powerful cats are waiting on standby too. If returning isn’t really what suits your fancy right now (but who knows?), don’t worry about not having enough Return Tickets because…well, they never run out 😉

6.- You’ll never get bored of the game because there are so many levels!

The time has finally come for you to unleash your inner cat with Castle Cats! This fun, cute and silly game will be perfect for all ages.

You can play as much or little depending on how big of a fan of cats are in general – it’s very leisurely, so no pressure needed if this sounds interesting at all but do give the demo first just in case someone wants more information before buying 🙂

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