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⭐ Name: Drive Ahead! - Fun Car Battles Drive Ahead! - Fun Car Battles is the most famous version in the Drive Ahead! - Fun Car Battles series of publisher Dodreams Ltd
💥 Publisher: Dodreams Ltd
🏷 Genre: Games
📂 Size: 144M
➡️ Version: 3.10.0
Mod Version 3.10.0
Total installs 50,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 3+
🔃 Update: December 9, 2021
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4.1 ( 751 ratings )
Price: $0

The game is very simple, you just need to drive your car and crush other cars. But there are some rules for the player to follow.

You can earn a lot of money by crushing others but if you want to be a real winner, you need more than that in this game. You also have to upgrade your vehicles regularly or else it will become useless after some time. Upgrading cost a lot of money so players should prepare enough cash before they start playing the game seriously.

By using Drive Ahead MOD APK (Free Craft), players can easily get unlimited amounts of golds and diamonds with only one tap on their phone screen which makes upgrading much easier than ever!

This hack tool is easy-to-use as well as safe because we do not ask our users for any personal information during installation process which means no risk at all! So what are you waiting for? Try it out now!

What is Drive Ahead APK?

Drive Ahead APK is a racing game for professional drivers with tens of thousands of spectators watching on the stands. In this no-plot competitive display, you have the ambition to beat other drivers in an arena that is designed for tens of thousands of viewers. You can feel their enthusiasm from your seat and experience it from a unique perspective.

Drive Ahead! is a smashing hit amongst friends and family. Hilarious fun awaits you with unlimited levels, fresh challenges every time the car moves to the next track.

Drive Ahead! has been created for those who want to have an one-of-a-kind experience playing this mythical super friendly game on mobile phones or any device that uses Google Play. Now its your turn to smash your opponents by tapping right or left of the phone screen, swipe upwards for extra points using Drive Ahead!

Feature of Drive Ahead MOD Unlocked Free Craft!

A difficult game with a very intelligent AI.

Drive Ahead! Is a difficult game to beat on your own as the AI is very intelligent. There are no opportunities for escape and you must be brave in order to win, by distracting opponents when possible and crushing them before they have time to react.

After each match, complete missions or collect reward coins which can be used during gameplay towards upgrades such as new cars or packages of this game’s features.

With the help of online matchmaking features, players can find anyone around to battle.

Additionally, if you have friends nearby with a compatible device and WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, you can use these options to play together instead! I’m sure that this game will give every player fun entertainment moments they won’t forget anytime soon.

There are many types of cars to suit your playstyle.

Unlocking random vehicles was a little difficult at first, as the game doesn’t give you many options to choose from. However, once I had some money saved up by playing more of the levels and completing missions – it became much easier!

Then there are so many kinds of cars that suit my playstyle: Monster Trucks have massive power but low speed; Antique F1’s can turn on a dime and fit through tiny spaces while still having decent acceleration (the Banana Car is hilarious); Beasts provide great control for stunts/tricks etc.; other car types include Endurance Cars with lots of health capacity… There are just tooo manny choices!!

Challenge yourself with the crazy obstacles!

Drive Ahead! Is a game that is based on pixel graphics, which has some fun effects and realistic physical movements.

Although it doesn’t have high image quality, in return the game lacks violence because of its humor. The funny sounds help increase appeal for this entertaining title with many crazy features.”

More than 50 levels that are never the same.

Drive Ahead APK MOD Free caft! takes the traditional racing game and livenup it with crazy vehicles, tracks, and obstacles. It is a fast-paced fun way to pass time while still providing a challenge for players who get bored of more conventional games like Asphalt 9 or Real Racing 3.

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