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⭐ Name: Epic Seven Epic Seven is the most famous version in the Epic Seven series of publisher Smilegate Megaport
💥 Publisher: Smilegate Megaport
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📂 Size: 79M
➡️ Version: 1.0.430
Mod Version 1.0.430
Total installs 5,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 12+
🔃 Update: December 2, 2021
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4.4 ( 886 ratings )
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If you enjoyed classic titles such as Kingdom Under Fire or Dragon Nest, then prepare for a new gaming experience with Epic Seven APK. This RPG has been developed by the same team who designed hit games like these, and it inherits all of their outstanding features!

At first glance, there are some familiar drawings because they also participated in many famous projects outside this title; Magna Carta springs immediately into mind.

You’ll enjoy playing through its storyline, which keeps things fresh while still feeling nostalgic at times thanks to how well done everything seems here overall from the beginning until end credits roll.”

We know how hard it is to find a good mobile game to play when there are so many options out there right now. That’s why we want everyone to give our new title a try!

It’s free on both iOS and Android devices, so what do you have to lose? Download Epic Seven today and start your adventure!

Click here right now and download Epic Seven for free on iOS or Android devices!

What is Epic Seven APK?

Epic Seven is a turn-based RPG based on your favorite characters, unlocks new experiences every day. Merge legendary heroes to battle together in the real-time arena. Combine strategy with co-op tactics and go on an epic journey!

Epic Seven is an anime-style RPG game for Android where your character battles against other players. As you play, you can upgrade your skills or pay for items to make them stronger.

You can create women and men characters with different skins/styles, classes, genders, and race backgrounds. All the graphics are very high quality, so it’s fun for people 20+.

Choose your weapon wisely. Epic Seven is a game with dynamic combat, but it won’t track what weapons you have or own, so choose wisely!

Highlights of the game Epic Seven

  • – Simple control mechanism.
  • – Characters with different attacks.
  • – Unmatched strategy game experience.
  • – You can choose the skills you want to use
  • – There are many different strategies.
  • – The battle screen is turn-based
  • – Deals more damage than other creatures.
  • – Able to equip weapons for you automatically.
  • – You’ll always have someone by your side that will never betray you.
  • – Collect and equip weapons to increase your power.
  • – Level up to unlock new skills.
  • – Defeat the monsters that stand in your way!
  • – It’s a game that never gets old.
  • – The graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is fast-paced.
  • – You’ll feel like you’re in an anime world while playing this game!
  • – You’ll be immersed in a world of vibrant graphics and realistic sound effects.
  • – Epic Seven is the most advanced RPG on the market today.
  • – Experience life like never before
  • – The game has over 40 hours of gameplay.
  • – You can listen to the Japanese orchestra while playing this game.
  • – The graphics are beautiful.
  • – Hundreds of hours’ worth of gameplay.
  • – Unique storylines for each character

Feature of Epic Seven Mobile latest version!

1.- You can customize your team as you see fit.

You can choose up to 4 characters in your team for combat, and each one has its own attacks. The control mechanism is simple, so it will not take long before you’re used to the system!

The battle screen is turn-based. You have your basic skills, which can be used at any time, as well as special attacks that require you to wait for a certain number of turns before they are usable, and then there are the remains too!

Collecting souls with these new characters will let them join your team by doing just enough damage or attacking an enemy when it dies…

The guardian is a helpful creature that can be summoned to help in battle. They deal damage and are able to equip weapons for you automatically, so it’s easy as pie!

In this turn-based RPG, you need to know your character’s skills. Using them at just the right time can mean victory for yourself in battle with monsters that are too tough if they leveling up isn’t enough on its own!

As players progress through levels and gain experience points (EXP), it becomes necessary to upgrade their weapons by equipping more than one weapon type or armor so as not to have any weak spots.

Especially against stronger foes later down the line when facing off those massive beasts all over again after reaching higher ranks within a said organization where these events happen…

2.- A fun and exciting game to play.

You will be drawn in by the pixel art and character designs of this game. The 2D visuals are reminiscent of anime, which is one reason why many gamers find them aesthetically pleasing!

As if that weren’t enough already, their colorful landscapes stimulate your brain while you’re playing for hours on end without getting tired or bored. You can experience everything from battles against monsters to exploration at a breakneck pace – all wrapped up into an epic package with Epic Seven!”.

The graphics in Epic Seven are so vivid and beautiful that you’ll feel like you are in a video game. The Yuna engine can render 4K images without any loss to quality, which makes the environment come alive even more with life-like colors!

You can listen to the Japanese orchestra while playing this game. Famous artists and musicians from Japan voice the characters, but they also have an Anime-style sound that you won’t be able to resist falling in love with!

The Epic Seven’s soundtrack has a familiar yet unique style of music that will make anyone want to dance or sing along without even realizing it.

3.- Battle against the forces of evil in this epic adventure!

Epic Seven is an excellent, long-lasting game. The interface makes it easy to navigate, and the storyline will keep you interested in playing for hours on end without getting bored!

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