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➡️ Version: 2.1.7
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🔃 Update: April 6, 2021
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Magic is one of the most popular game genres in the world. However, it can be difficult for new players because there are so many cards and strategies that it’s hard to know where to start.

Heroic – Magic Duel solves this problem by creating a card game with only the most critical elements of magic while keeping the strategy simple enough for any beginner player. The result is an easy-to-learn but complex strategic experience that will keep you playing again and again!

With over 100 different cards, each with its own unique effects, you can customize your deck however you want. There are also multiple ways to play depending on how long you have available – try out our quick mode or delve into our extended mode when time allows!

What is Heroic – Magic Duel APK?

The magic words are finally here! The time has come to duel with cards instead of spells. Competitive games have never looked so powerful or strategic before – that is, until now.

With the simple to learn but complex strategy rules explicitly made for beginner magic players, anyone can put on their cloak and start casting today!

Highlights of the game Heroic – Magic Duel

  • – Build your own deck of cards to use in battle.
  • – Compete against other players for prizes and bragging rights.
  • – Challenge yourself to become the best player you can be.
  • – Become a master tactician by mastering card combinations.
  • – Take on the worlds’ most challenging puzzles.
  • – Tackle challenges with friends and family.
  • – Fight for your honor and glory!
  • – Defeat enemies in a battle of wits and might.
  • – You can enjoy a variety of card games with friends and family.
  • – Fight against other players in real-time to see who is the best!
  • – Win battles for your favorite character!
  • – More than just energy gatherers.
  • – Require less time to level up your character.
  • – Be rewarded with thrilling and unexpected items.
  • – Unlock a chest that appears on screen for you as time passes!

Feature of Heroic – Magic Duel MOD on Android?

1- Collect your favorite characters and monsters.

Players in Heroic will have their own collection of cards, which can be either heroes or monsters. They are divided into different classes based on their talents, and they use them effectively to combat other characters who progressively materialize in front of you.

Because you can’t control your character while battling in this game, you’ll need solid tactical abilities. Instead, everything happens through the use of cards, so you’ll need to know a lot about these warriors!

The player will see a horizontal environment and be flanked by two portals. The blue portal on their left side is where they enter, but it also protects them from enemies coming at you with fireballs or other dangerous creatures of theirs!

Atop this screen is two health bars; if one bar runs out before the others do, then all bets are off – it’ll collapse completely, losing any characters currently held inside, which can make things tough for an opponent trying to take down your base while being attacked himself in return.

2- Duel players around the world and feel like a champion!

The number of cards you can use in battle, the energy needed to summon them, and stats for mana are just some factors that will keep players engaged.

There’s also how quickly your opponent’s health goes down when fighting another player or AI-controlled character on their own battlefield–a factor many people find exciting about this game!

Players must keep an eye on a unique yet difficult aspect of the game. When you wish to use your card, simply drag it over the position where the summon is successful, and another character will appear in its place, with the number continually fluctuating.

You can’t know what new cards are available until you play them, so this is an amazing opportunity that no one should pass up!

3- You can use the chest to unlock new cards

When players complete the Heroic level, they will be rewarded with some thrilling and unexpected items. You may see a chest emerge on the screen, which your character will unlock in-game for you as time passes!

It’ll just take a second, so be patient if you have to, but when it’s done, WHOA!!! You might be lucky and find new cards inside that small box, which can then grant you specific types of runes???

The new cards will be more than just energy-gatherers. They’ll also act as valuable tools in battle, with each having their own unique trait that you can use to your advantage and some requiring an impressive amount of resources like rune points or players themselves for activation depending on the card’s level (which gets adjusted based off others around it).

Under tough matches, though? Skillful play leads to immunity against incoming enemies, so no worries there!


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