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⭐ Name: Knights Chronicle Knights Chronicle is the most famous version in the Knights Chronicle series of publisher Netmarble
💥 Publisher: Netmarble
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➡️ Version: 5.7.0
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Total installs 1,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 12+
🔃 Update: December 13, 2021
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Knights Chronicle is the world’s first mobile game based on a real-time battle system. The story revolves around Garnier, a planet where gods give people happy together.

This game was developed by Gumi Inc., one of Japan’s leading mobile game developers and publishers. They have released several hit games, including Brave Frontier, which has over 200 million downloads worldwide.

With its stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and unique character designs that are inspired by European medieval art style, Knights Chronicle offers players an immersive experience unlike any other mobile role-playing game available today!

What is the Knights Chronicle APK?

Knights Chronicle is an RPG game that you can collect many different characters to arrange the perfect squad. So far, there are 10 playable heroes available, but more are on the way! 

Each character has unique abilities and skills suited to different play styles, so come by our booth and sign up for an account if you want legends like Valkyrie or Enrico Lunatica fighting under your banner.

Knights Chronicle is a smart, engaging game for mobile devices. Legends say, Theo, who has the power of Osiris to protect all, gets together with Lydia and Damian, who are both skilled fighters to fight against Hell’s overwhelming forces. 

Together they’re able to clean up Hell and ask Sinclair, the strongest mercenary in Hell, for help—he agrees because his mentor lives in Hokhma Village that Demon King Abel occupied. 

What made Knights Chronicle different from other mobile games is the professional tones used during the dialogue between characters and how conversations can be opened through various degrees of difficulty, so users truly feel like there are four different people actually talking with one; another!

Knights Chronicle is a mobile RPG that features a classic SNES-styled battle system in a story of good versus evil. Fight foes in real-time, manage their parties, and prepare for mighty battles against enemies in the deepest dungeons!

Knights Chronicle is an exhilarating strategy RPG with heart-pounding new party-based combat! 10 players get to join forces and fight wirelessly together through vicious multiplayer modes such as Player vs. Player (PVP), Region War, Boss Raids, and more. Share your power by building strongholds around important maps so you may rule them all!

Knights Chronicle is a role-playing game where you can customize your characters with different weapons, skills, and appearances. You also have to rank up battles in order to upgrade your strength.

Knights Chronicle is a mobile game that allows players to assemble their own team of knights, each with different combat abilities and strengths. Composed of five playable characters, the game gives users the opportunity to choose the perfect combination for their specific strategy before entering battle. 

With six possible support characters per unit, there are plenty of combinations to explore across various modes in Knights Chronicle, both offline and online. Matching an effective team can be difficult, but it also makes victory very satisfying when accomplished!

Highlights of the game Knights Chronicle latest version

  • – The game is easy to play.
  • – You can choose the difficulty level depending on your skill level.
  • – Fight monsters and get prizes!
  • – You’ll be able to test your skills against other players.
  • – Your reaction time will be tested in a new way.
  • – It’s the perfect place for people who love competition and adrenaline.
  • – A game with beautiful graphics.
  • – Characters are easy to control, making it fun for beginners.
  • – Exciting sounds that will keep you playing the game even after finishing story mode once through.
  • – Get free gifts every day
  • – Stay updated on the game’s events
  • – Enjoy a new surprise every day.
  • – Free to download
  • – Supports Android 4.1+ and iOS 7+
  • – Fun for any age group

Feature of Knights Chronicle free on Android!

1.- You’re never too old to enjoy a good video game

The journey to Surette’s Garden is a challenging one, but it will be worth it when you get your hands on all of the prizes. Adventure mode has three difficulty levels: easy, normal, and difficult – so no matter what level we’re playing at home or with friends, this phase will provide hours of entertainment! 

The first two areas in our quest are God Forest (a peaceful forest)and Niflheim Valley(containing plenty of dungeons).

Onwards from here-you’ll have access to Hard Mode Dungeons as well as some other modes depending upon how far through these chapters we’ve managed already…

If you’re looking to get an adrenaline rush, the PvP arena is for you. You’ll have all sorts of competitors trying their best, and calculating just the right tactics might be what wins any fight with them!

2.- It’s a beautiful character creation process. 

The graphics in the game are Anime-style, which makes it easy to play for those who don’t like using complex controls. Character creation is very beautiful and attractive, so you can keep playing this fun mobile strategy RPG without getting bored or tired of what’s going on around your character! 

The sound effects add just enough spice with their Hollywood actor voices; they promise an exciting experience that will make all gamers want more even after finishing story mode once through.

The game updates the events with presents that are interesting every day, don’t forget to receive Leona’s gift at a corner on your screen.

3.- You can collect and train your own Knight!

Knights Chronicle is a game that you’ll want to download and play right now. It supports both Android 4.1+ devices as well as iOS 7+, so it’s perfect for any device!

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