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⭐ Name: Merge Dragons! Merge Dragons! is the most famous version in the Merge Dragons! series of publisher Gram Games Limited
💥 Publisher: Gram Games Limited
🏷 Genre: Games
📂 Size: 142M
➡️ Version: 7.4.0
Mod Version 7.4.0
Total installs 10,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 3+
🔃 Update: November 29, 2021
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4.4 ( 240 ratings )
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Do you like dragons?

Merge Dragons APK MOD is a game where you can raise your pet dragon. You will need to feed, clean, and play with them. There are hundreds of different types of dragons in the game that have unique abilities and personalities.

They all live on Dragonia Island, which has been divided into separate plots by evil Zombies! It’s up to you to reunite the island once again!

The more plots you merge together, the bigger your island becomes! This means there are more places for new dragons to exploring, more resources for them to eat, and even better rewards waiting for you at the end of each level!

Plus, as they get stronger, they will be able to help out around Dragonia, too – so it’s worth taking care of them well. Remember though… don’t forget about their hygiene or they might not be very happy with you!

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What is Merge Dragons APK?

Merge Dragons APK is a free, new puzzle game on Android and iPhone by Gram Games. If you’ve been looking for a great casual match-3 experience, then you’ve found it in Merge Dragons!

I allow you to enjoy simple, easy-to-understand gameplay from start to finish, no matter your age. For those of you looking for more depth in some puzzles, there are level packs and customizing options so that the gameplay stays interesting every time you play.

How cool is that? Get it today, available now on Google Play or App Store.

Highlights of the game Merge Dragons MOD

  • – The game is fun and easy to learn.
  • – It’s an addictive game that’ll keep you entertained for hours on end.
  • – You’ll feel like a genius when you figure out how to create new creatures!
  • – Combine dragons to make new, more powerful ones.
  • – Explore a beautiful world with unique creatures.
  • – Feel like you’re saving the land from darkness.
  • – You’ll get better items the higher level you are.
  • – Rewards over time will give you a sense of accomplishment.
  • – The rewards are exciting and motivating.
  • – Explore a world of dragons and landscapes.
  • – Play the game on your phone or tablet.
  • – Be immersed in this beautiful, colorful world.
  • – Explore an epic world of adventure.
  • – Build your dragon empire and save the valley.
  • – Become a hero to all dragons!

Feature of Merge Dragons MOD Unlocked Shopping Free!

You can merge creatures to make them stronger.

Think of three items, such as trunks for a tree or eggs for a dragon. Merge these items to create something new and more powerful than before, like an ancient tree trunk with the power of dragons or even 3 different types!

Once you have evolved your creatures into bigger versions using this method, merge them together again until you finally form one large legendary being that is impossible to take down – be careful, though, because once it’s gone…it can’t come back!!

The trick is to light up the dark lands. This allows you to move and merge creatures as normal, but it’s definitely easier said than done because of how complicated this game can get!

I really enjoy the challenge, though, so luckily, Merge Dragons doesn’t hold back on rewarding players with awesome new dragons after each level.

Get rewards by progress in the game.

When I play Merge Dragons! There are many types of rewards for me. First is the reward by level; higher levels get better items, which motivates me to keep playing and progressing.

Additionally, you can receive rewards over time – like a mysterious chest that appears on your home screen every day after a certain amount of time has passed (the more valuable gift takes longer waiting times).

This encourages me to return daily, so even if I don’t spend an hour each day playing games with my friends online, there’s still plenty of chance at receiving good stuff just by checking back regularly or doing other things while offline too. That great!

You’ll have a lot of fun playing this game!

Merge Dragons! has incredible 3D graphics that made me download the game. The colorful, vivid images of Dragonia valley are very beautiful and look like a fairyland in a cartoon style.

Fun sounds match what is going on in the current scene to further immerse you into this world where dragons can merge with trees or landscapes for fun solutions to challenging puzzles.

Hatch eggs to find rare and powerful dragons.

When playing Merge Dragons MOD APK, you have a noble mission of reviving the valley back to its heyday. If you are looking for an adventure that involves cute dragons, then Hungry Dragon is just what you need (MOD Money).

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