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⭐ Name: Merge Plants: Aliens Defense Merge Plants: Aliens Defense is the most famous version in the Merge Plants: Aliens Defense series of publisher ONESOFT
💥 Publisher: ONESOFT
🏷 Genre: Games
📂 Size: 78M
➡️ Version: 0.1.7
Mod Version 0.1.7
Total installs 100,000+
Content Rating Rated for 3+
🔃 Update: April 13, 2021
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Aliens are invading the planet; they want to destroy it and enslave all of humanity. As a brave warrior, you must defend your homeland from these evil aliens by using your weapons and destroying their bases.

Merge Plants: Aliens Defense is an action game with simple controls that will keep you entertained for hours on end. You can use different kinds of guns to shoot down the invaders and bombs to blow up their base.

Additionally, there are special powers that you can utilize, such as lightning strikes that kill enemies in one hit or freeze rays that slow them down, so they’re easier to hit for a limited period before disappearing again.

In addition to its unique gameplay mechanics, Merge Plants: Aliens Defense features awesome 3D graphics and immersive audio effects, making playing even more fun than ever before!

The game also has leaderboards so you can compete against other players worldwide while trying to reach new high scores!

What is Merge Plants: Aliens Defense?

Merge Plants: Aliens Defense APK is a game that takes the player to Vegan planet, currently under attack by an aggressive alien invasion with nothing left to lose.

The native plants of this green paradise have suddenly revealed their extraordinary defense capabilities against these beings, being able to merge forms between themselves and leaving the land safe once again.

Feature of Merge Plants: Aliens Defense MOD Money latest!

Fight with plant soldiers against aliens.

In Merge Plants: Aliens Defense, you’ll play the role of an army commander on a mission to defeat hostile aliens with your own plant-like soldiers.

This vertical shooter game has five lanes and three rows, just as in PvZ but lacks some other features like many plants per lane or variety within each row.

The difficulty increases as players progress through levels, so it’s not too easy for novice gamers yet simple enough for those who enjoy casual games without complicated controls.

You can create an army of powerful soldiers.

Merging the crops together will create more powerful soldiers. Each merger creates a new soldier with an entirely unique skill set and a better-looking appearance than before!

However, this means that our enemies are becoming stronger, and there is no time to waste merging these plants into warriors of their own in order for us to survive.

To create the most elite army, you will need to merge your crops. The more plants that are merged together at once, the stronger and cooler-looking soldiers you can make.

Since enemy forces also become increasingly crowded with powerful units, merges must be done regularly to keep up a fighting chance against them when they attack; otherwise, it is just suicide for our own troops on top of further strengthening their numbers!

This is a fast-paced game where the losing focus can lead to an attack. You need to be ready for any enemy at all times, including those who are attacking and the BOSS aliens that come in rare occasions.

If you let your guard down, soldiers will constantly attack and giant aggressors with immense strength and aggression. It’sChoosing which soldier has the best power against these attackers is important, so nothing goes wrong again!

3D cartoon-style graphics with vibrant characters.

The graphics of the game Merge Plants: Aliens Defense is one thing that makes it stand out from other games. It features 3D cartoon-style graphics with a dark color palette and vibrant characters.

The lighting effects provide an extra dimension to its visuals, offering players incredibly vivid experiences throughout their playtime.

Fun, addicting game that is easy to play.

The game, Merge Plants: Aliens Defense impressed with its polished mechanics and unique visual style.

The new features make it a whole new experience for gamers who have been playing defense games long enough to get tired of them. After just under two days after launch, the number of downloads exceeds 100K! Have you tried out this cool game yet?

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