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YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming services in the world. It has everything from your favorite music videos to cat clips right at your fingertips.

YouTube is available for both Android and iPhone users, free of charge. If you’re on an Android device, here’s how to use YouTube:

Turn on your phone or tablet’s internet connection. Tap on YouTube in your app drawer (or tap here if you can’t find it). Type in what you want to search for – whether it be “Futurama Fry,” “The Key of Awesome,” or anything else! Click on a video to play it. Swipe left to skip forward, swipe right to rewind. You can also press pause while watching a video by scrolling down and tapping the play/pause button.

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Tap the video to bring up your phone’s menu, then tap on “more” in the bottom-right corner of your screen. You can choose from recommended videos, add or remove subscribers, subscribe to a new channel, share an item with friends, view related items, give feedback on a video you’ve watched before (like or dislike), turn Autoplay off, and more!

If you’re on an iPhone or iPad:

Make sure that both WiFi and Cellular Data are turned on for your device. Visit YouTube in Safari. Type in what you want to search for – whether it be “Futurama Fry,” “The Key of Awesome,” or anything else! You can tap on any video to play it. With iOS 6, you can also swipe right to rewind the video or forward by swiping left. You can press pause while watching a video by tapping the bottom-right corner of the window with your name in it.

From there, you can tap “more” at the bottom-right of your screen, then switch between Recommended Videos, Subscriptions, and History. To subscribe to a new channel or share an item, just click on that option.

As you watch YouTube videos on Android and iOS, YouTube will learn what kinds of videos you like and show more similar videos each time you log into YouTube (every time you use YouTube).

This is called Autoplay. If you’d prefer Autoplay not to be turned on – or if you want specific videos to play when you log in, even if it’s the same video twice – just go into your settings by tapping on the little cogwheel next to your name at the bottom-right of your screen.

If you want to edit your settings for every device, you use with YouTube, tap “Settings” in the top-right corner. From there, just select which devices you’d like changes applied to and save!

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How to Block YouTube Channels?

Do you want to stop seeing videos from certain channels on YouTube? If so, this article is for you. One of the biggest benefits of using YouTube is how easy it can be to get lost in a wide variety of content.

how to block youtube channels

YouTube has a vast network of users who upload thousands upon thousands of hours’ worth of videos every single day. This makes it all too easy to find yourself watching endless amounts of tutorials and makeup tutorials, or worse yet- cat videos! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with watching these types of videos when they’re what you’re looking for, but sometimes your mind is better off wandering elsewhere.

Block a channel from your subscriptions:

Go to the Subscriptions feed in the YouTube app.

Tap the three dots in the top right corner of your screen and hit “manage.”

From here, tap on the Settings gear next to the name of any channels you’d like to hide and select “Block” in order to prevent them from showing up in your Subscriptions feed again.

If you want to see this channel somewhere else on YouTube, or if you changed your mind later, simply unblock it by going back into Settings and hitting “Unblock.” This will enable that user’s content once more across both mobile and desktop alike.

Block a channel on your desktop browser:

Go to, or click this link to go directly there.

Find the name of the channel you’d like to block and make a note of it to unblock it later if necessary.

Click on “more” in the upper right-hand corner of YouTube’s search bar.

From here, select “History” in order to see all of your YouTube watch history (if you don’t see History listed here, simply scroll down). Once inside History, head over to “Activity by time.” From here, use the drop-down menu under Time range at the top in order to select All time or Last month, for example (this section will depend on your account). Select any video inside the “Saved” section to confirm whether or not you’d like to block it.

As with managing subscriptions, simply click on Block or Unblock in order to enable or disable this channel for any future use across YouTube.

– Block YouTube channels

If you want to see a blocked channel’s videos elsewhere on YouTube, simply remove their name from the list above, and they’ll be available once more. Blocking YouTube users is an easy process that can give you more control over what shows up in your Subscription feed, but remember that it only works across desktop browsers and mobile devices alike if they have signed into their Google account! If you frequently switch between these two platforms, blocking channels can ensure that you never miss important content.

How to Make an Account Youtube?

To make a YouTube account, you need to have a Google Account. If you already have one, then go to YouTube’s registration page and sign in using your existing Google account. If not, create one by going to Gmail.

How to Change Privacy Settings on my YouTube Channel?

  • Step 1: Go to the channel you would like to manage. Once logged into your YouTube account, click on the “Edit Channel” button that appears under your profile picture on the left side of the screen.
  • Step 2: Select “Privacy & Ads.” this will allow you to enable monetization or disable ads from video viewing. You can also change how people can find or view your videos by selecting either Public or Unlisted for video settings.
  • Step 3: Once you have selected the appropriate privacy settings, click on “Save” in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to save your changes.

How to Delete a YouTube Channel?

There are two ways that you can delete your YouTube channel Permanently or Temporarily. If you are deleting it permanently, then go to this page YouTube-Account Deletion page.

how to delete a youtube channel

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How to Add Annotations on Youtube? What are annotations on YouTube?

Annotations are little pop-ups for videos that usually show up during playback, but they can also appear next to your video listings.

They’re editable, so make them say whatever you want, or don’t add any at all if none apply. How do I add annotations to my video? To add an annotation to your video, click the “Edit” button underneath the video frame. From there, you can type in your annotation and select its style.

How do I manage annotations on my videos? To edit or delete existing annotations, go back into the annotation editor by clicking Edit next to your video. Any annotations you’ve added will be shown here with options for editing or removing them. Where are my annotations stored?

Annotations are stored with each individual YouTube video file. This means that they’re automatically associated with any downloaded copies of your videos – exported YouTube files, for example – which is why they appear even when embedded elsewhere on other sites where you haven’t edited them.

How to Enable Annotations on Youtube?

Annotations are text or graphical pop-ups that you can include with your YouTube videos to provide extra information. For example, you might want to label certain video segments by including titles and descriptions – these annotations can be edited just like any other annotation.

How do I enable annotations? To enable annotations, click the “Edit” button underneath the video frame. From there, select ‘Yes’ for Enable annotation editor.

How to Create a YouTube Playlist?

To create a YouTube playlist is simple – all you need is to have already uploaded at least one video on your channel (you don’t need to publish it). At first, go log into your YouTube Channel, then go to Video Manager- Edit Channel- Uploads. Now Click New Video Playlist. Fill in the playlist name and click Create Playlist.

How to Add YouTube Videos to a Playlist?

You can add individual videos or whole playlists from your subscriptions, your channel, other channels, or even an entire category (e.g., Music). Once you’ve selected what you’d like to add and clicked “Add,” the list will populate on the right-hand side of your screen. You can finalize your selections by clicking “Add Playlist” at the bottom of the screen.

How to Share YouTube Playlists?

The easiest way for users to get content off of YouTube is via embedding – copying and pasting a snippet of code into another site that supports HTML embeds (like forums). This means that the only way to add a playlist you’ve made to your own site is via embedding.

How to Subscribe To YouTube Channels?

To subscribe, simply click on any profile picture and select “Subscribe” from the drop-down menu:

How to Unsubscribe From YouTube Channels?

Click on any profile picture and select “Unsubscribe”:

If you wish to unsubscribe from multiple channels at once, you can do so by scrolling through your subscriptions list and selecting each channel individually. After clicking “Unsubscribe,” you should receive a confirmation message letting you know that your request has been processed successfully.

How to Manage Subscription Notifications?

You can manage your subscription notifications in your YouTube settings. There are several options for notifications, including emails when new videos have been posted by your subscriptions.

How to Share Channels on Twitter? When you browse other channels or playlists, you’ll be able to share them with your friends directly from the player screen! Just click the “Share” button below any video and pick who you want to share it with – it’s that simple.

How to Live Stream on YouTube?

There are two ways to add a YouTube live stream. The first, and the way everyone should do it, is going into your “Publishing Tools” under “Video Manager.” This opens up a menu that allows you to edit the details of your live stream.

From there, you can change things like which camera you’re using for a particular stream or schedule different events from within this page itself. Once everything is set up, simply go to “Events” in this same menu and create a new one. You’ll need to put at least one other person on the project so they may join if you plan to have co-hosts during your broadcast period(s).

The second method uses YouTube’s API (application program interface) to broadcast live video. This method is not recommended for beginners because you’ll need to know how to code in order to set it up properly. However, if you do manage to get it working then, YouTube will automatically record your stream (if the page supports HTML5) and save it for later viewing.

How to Edit One’s Channel?

Sometimes users make mistakes when editing their personal accounts on YouTube. Thankfully, the site makes it easy for anybody who knows where to go find all of their previously edited videos.

Otherwise, if one wants to start fresh, they may always delete individual clips or entire playlists by going into “Video Manager,” selecting a clip or a playlist they wish to edit or remove from their account and clicking on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen. A small list will pop up on the right side, with every option you’ll need to edit or delete your selected clip or playlist.

As far as channel pages go, YouTube doesn’t have a built-in system for “rebranding” one’s page, but fortunately, there are plenty of third-party apps that do just that. One notable example is Rebrandly, which allows users to fully customize their YouTube page however they see fit.

If you’re looking for something more extensive, then VidIQ might be worth checking out. It basically turns video editing into a game by giving points for every action performed on transcriptions, thumbnails, and related videos — though this app isn’t exactly lightweight.

How to Download YouTube Videos?

Downloading YouTube videos is incredibly easy, just like uploading your content to the site. Simply go into “My Videos” and find whatever clip you want to download. Then click on the down arrow in the top right corner of the video itself and select “Download.” You’ll be given options for resolutions, formats, or quality-specific bitrates, along with where you’d like to save the file.

Keep in mind that YouTube will only allow full HD (1080p) downloads if you’re logged into your Google account. If not, then 720p should suffice; alternatively, users can try VidBit, which lets them download 1080p videos without needing their Gmail address activated. Finally, IZArc may also be worth checking out for those who don’t care about quality as much as they do convenience.

How to Reupload Videos?

YouTube reuploads basically anything that’s been previously removed from the site, no matter how old or new it is. When a video is flagged enough times, YouTube will delete the content in question, but it’ll be back up within 24 hours with little explanation given for its removal.

You can still appeal to Google — the company behind YouTube — if you feel your content was mistakenly taken down, but doing so will require uploading proof of ownership (website screenshots are good enough). At any rate, all of this information can be found by going into “Video Manager”> “Copyright Notices & Video Claims.” There are other ways to get video back on YouTube; these are just the most common methods.

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How to Watch YouTube on TV?

The YouTube app lets you live to stream a show or watch your favorite movies. You can even search for videos on your TV, making it an excellent choice for game night with friends or movie night at home.

To run YouTube on your smart TV, simply follow these steps:

  • – Open the Google Play Store app on your Android TV.
  • – Enter “YouTube” into the search bar and select the YouTube app from the results list.
  • – The first time you open the YouTube app, it will ask if you have a YouTube account. If so, log in using your username and password; otherwise, tap “No” to create an account now.
  • – Once signed into the service, search for any video that interests you.

What Is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a paid membership that combines YouTube Music with original shows and offline support.

How to Get YouTube Premium ($12/month):

You can sign up for YouTube Premium now at The first month of your membership will cost $11.99, the same price as a month of YouTube Red before it was discontinued in 2018, but after that, it’ll bump up to its standard monthly price of $12.

If you have an Apple device, check out iTunes because you can get three months free when you purchase the annual subscription! Make sure your billing information is correct during sign-up, though, or else you won’t get credit for the trial period!

Already have a subscription? You’ll continue to get YouTube Premium benefits until your membership expires – don’t worry, no action is required on your end.

If you’re new to YouTube Red, here’s how it works:

YouTube Music and YouTube Red both cost $11.99/month, but if you’re just interested in getting access to ad-free videos as well as offline support for YouTube Music, the monthly price of the combined membership is discounted from $12.

How long does a subscription last?

Your subscription will be valid until terminated under these Terms or as otherwise permitted by applicable law. You can cancel at any time by visiting and adjusting your membership settings to fit your country/region of residence (see “Cancellation” below).

If you have an Apple device, check out iTunes because you can get three months free when you purchase the annual subscription! Make sure your billing information is correct during sign-up, though, or else you won’t get credit for the trial period!

YouTube Premium benefits are available only in certain countries and regions. If YouTube Premium is not available in your country/region, then YouTube Music will be automatically canceled on the effective date of termination.

In that case, any YouTube Red membership time remaining after such date will not be refunded to you. By continuing to use YouTube Music after the termination date, you indicate that you understand and agree with this effect.

In rare cases where a user has been suspended from YouTube, they will not be able to use YouTube Premium even if using the service is still permitted in their country/region.

Does YouTube Music have ads?

Yes, there are occasional promotional videos between songs. These can be disabled with a YouTube Red membership ($9.99/month).

How many devices can I stream music on?

You can create up to 10 personalized accounts per membership so you can listen on any device associated with your account. This includes computers, phones, tablets, smart speakers, and televisions. Unfortunately, this does mean that only one person can access an account at a given time, though!

Is background play supported? Background play for YouTube Music is currently available in web browsers (like Chrome), on Android, and on Chromecast. Background play for YouTube Music is not currently supported by iOS devices (iPhone/iPad), smart speakers, or other Cast devices.

Is offline support available?

Yes! With YouTube Red, you can save videos to watch offline for $9.99/month – just make sure you’re signed in to your account if you want the downloads to show up across all your devices.

How does it work with Google Home?

YouTube Music works great with Google Home; simply use “Ok Google” voice commands to play music from your library or request songs using lyrics. Just like other streaming apps, it requires internet access to function fully but supports background play (depending on device compatibility).

Can I use my YouTube Music account with Apple HomePod?

Unfortunately, Apple HomePod only supports the built-in music app for Siri requests at this time. You can still ask it to play YouTube Music through voice commands or use another compatible device such as an iPhone.

Can I download videos for offline viewing?

Yes! With YouTube Red, you can save any video on YouTube for $9.99/month and watch it anywhere you like – even without internet access!

What devices does it work on?

YouTube Music works great on Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPods, smart speakers (like Google Home), Android TVs, Amazon Fire TV Sticks, and Amazon Echo Dots, select Samsung Smart TVs (2015 models or later), Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (2015 models or later).

You can also create personalized playlists using your YouTube account! Simply log in to your YouTube account when you open the app and then head into “Library” to find all of your playlists.

What countries is YouTube Music available in? When you purchase a subscription to YouTube Music Premium, your membership is subject to these country/region Terms. If YouTube Music Premium isn’t available in your country, Mexico will be your default for YouTube Red membership. You can always change this by visiting from a different country with an active membership.

How to Change Your YouTube Profile Picture?

To change your YouTube profile picture, first, go to the YouTube website. Then click on the ‘Profile’ button in the upper righthand corner of the screen that reads ‘YouTube’.

Click on your username and then select ‘Edit Profile. Your existing profile image will be displayed at this point. To upload a new image, simply click on ‘Upload an Image. Select it from your files, and you’re all set!

How to Make a Channel Trailer?

To make a channel trailer, first, create one! After logging into your YouTube account and clicking on ‘My Channel’, open up the menu and go to the bottom option: ‘Create & Upload Videos’. Then choose ‘Create a video’ as the option. You can now start editing your trailer!

Add an image at the top of your screen if you’d like, and then add a caption to it. This will be visible when users hover over your profile picture on your channel page. Next, select a thumbnail for your video from a catalog provided by YouTube or upload one yourself.

Finally, enter a title for your video and click ‘Save’. Your trailer is live now and will appear with all of your other videos on the right side of the screen where it says ‘Videos’.

How to Turn Off Notifications?

You can turn off notification alerts in both mobile apps (Android/iOS) and via YouTube itself (the website). To turn off notifications within YouTube, simply click on your profile picture and open up the menu.

how to turn off notifications youtube

Scroll down to ‘Settings’ and go to the option that reads ‘Notifications’. Under this, you can select types of notifications that you’d like to disable.

How to Change Video Category?

To change your video category, first, go into a YouTube video and then open up the menu by clicking on your account name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Next, scroll down all the way until you see an option that says ‘Categories’. When you select this, click on one from a drop-down list or choose one from a library. After choosing one, your video will now be categorized as such!

You can use YouTube just like any other video player. It provides a clean interface without any distractions and starts playing your videos immediately.

How to Change YouTube Password?

To change your YouTube password, first, log into the website and click on the ‘Profile’ button in the upper righthand corner of the screen that reads ‘YouTube’. Then click on your username and select ‘Edit Profile.

This will take you to a new page where you can change your password. Simply enter it into one of the fields provided, retype it for verification, and press save! All done!

How to Like and Dislike Videos?

When watching a video by clicking on its thumbnail, simply tap either the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ button below it. This will be an option in the menu that appears when you hover over the video thumbnail.

To like or dislike a YouTube video, simply comment on it! How to comment? You can search for videos by entering keywords into the search bar at the top of any screen and then clicking on your preferred video. Commenting is limited to text only, but this works just fine!

How to Enable Dark Mode?

First, open up your profile picture and click ‘Settings’ to enable dark mode in YouTube. Select ‘General’ and scroll down until you find ‘Dark Mode’. Toggle this on, and you’re all set!

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