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OgWhatsapp APK is a Modded WhatsApp which you can use to access all the features available on Whatsapp using an app. OGWhatsApp has no different from Whatsapp except for some additional features that are available via the MOD APK.

There are numerous versions of Ogwhatsapp available now, but not all versions work well and have good compatibility, so it’s best to download the latest version of OGwhatsapp from this article instead of downloading any other version to avoid errors.

Many people are asking what exactly OGWhatsApp apk is? Is it different from normal YOWhatsApp? Let me explain in detail about Ogwhatsapp APK. Firstly, the app does not allow you to download it from the Google play store. So you have to get OGWhatsapp APK from a different website to get the apk file.

WhatsApp is an alternative to WhatsApp and claims to offer better features than the original Whatsapp. It promises to give users complete freedom over their privacy levels, giving them the power to choose who can see their posts or status updates and also who can send messages.

WhatsApp for Android lets you use chat themes that are not available on other whats apps but requires a rooted android phone, without which this app will not function properly. It’s best to download the latest version of OGwhatsapp from this site instead of downloading any other.

How to download OGWhatsApp APK?

There are multiple ways to download OG Whatsapp Apk MOD: through APKOK.NET, Apkmirror by downloading from the official website, but I recommend using UpToDown because it’s easier and faster! You can also grab a free computer program from this source.

Note that if you want to install OGWhatsApp on Android, you have to uninstall your official WhatsApp version before installing OGWhatsApp.

How to install OGWhatsApp APK?

Download the file onto your mobile phone. Go to Settings > Security (Lock Screen and Security) > Enable Unknown Sources (if you see this option deactivate it first). Now go back and tap on the OGWhatsapp .apk file that you transferred earlier.

You should get a warning message about unknown sources reading something like “this type of file can harm your device”.

Just ignore it by selecting “OK” and proceed to install the APK. After installation is complete, open the application and register a new account.

If it doesn’t work from the beginning, try clearing WhatsApp app data from Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Clear Data. This should make OGWhatsApp run normally. If you want to restore your backup from your official WhatsApp, follow this tutorial.

How do I use OGWhatsApp?

First, you need to download the APK file from the OGWhatsApp APK page. Then, install it as you normally would any other app. You can alternatively use an Android emulator if that is your primary method of using an Android phone.

Lastly, you should have a working Whatsapp already installed in your smartphone and in the English language for this operation in order to work perfectly.

Once Whatsapp is in English, open OGWhampp and go through the lengthy process of trying to get OGYampp going, which will not only take up a good deal of time but will also cause many errors along the way, especially on Nova launchers.

In addition, when you will open up OG Whatsapp for the first time, it will ask to install a profile, so click on OK and install it. This is required because OG Whatsapp has all Whatsapp features plus some extra ones that work perfectly fine.

However, you need to do this before installing any mods since sometimes the mods may not work with OGWhatsApp depending on what Android version your phone is running on.

After you install it successfully, open up the app and select “English” as language by clicking on it 3 times which will bring up an icon of red dots with English has written over it.

Then, long press on the icon and select option 2 by pressing down and holding for 4 seconds (for those who don’t know how to change language: go to the settings of your phone and then to language and input; click on that and then go into any apps you have on your phone and change their language to English).

After you’re done with it, give OGWhatsApp a reboot (it will restart automatically) and enjoy using OG Whatsapp for free without having to pay anything. Simply install OGYampp from this website, And yes, don’t forget to install the profile before installing OG!

In addition, if you want to remove OGWhatsApp after you have installed all its mods because sometimes they may not work together perfectly or because you simply do not want two WhatsApp’s in your launcher but just one, what I suggest is doing a full wipe by going into advanced settings.

What is OGWhatsApp APK?

OGWhatsApp (or OGWA) is a customizable version of the WhatsAppFM application available on Android devices, which allows users to add extra features and modify the user interface. It has been developed by Orginer Tech, who also makes other popular applications such as OGYouTube and OGInstagram.

With all features rooted (excluding a few like sending videos) and no ads.

Why it’s important?

Without OGWhatsApp MOD APK, you will not be able to block phone numbers, change your status or create groups, use secret chats, or even backup your chat history.

Why should you use OGWhatsapp?

One of the biggest reasons to use OGWhatsapp over any other WhatsApp Aero MOD is that it allows you to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on one phone. This means that you can run your personal account and your work account (or any other accounts) simultaneously on one phone.

Another important feature is the ability to hide online status without running a premium version of Whatsapp, which generates revenue for developers at the expense of their customers.

One more critical feature is the capability to spoof SMS sent from WhatsApp contacts as if they came from another number (ex: spoof as coming from 0012345678 instead of your real number).

OGWhatsApp vs WhatsApp? What are the differences?

There are many Whatsapp MODs available, but what’s the difference between all of these WhatsApp Mods?

Most popular Whatsapp mods will give notification or call alerts to the sender when you read their messages. However, OGWhatsApp does not provide this feature like other WhatsApp mods. Also, OGWhatsApp is an original Android version, while there are many modified versions (like GBWhatsApp, etc.)

Some people might consider that OGWhatsApp APK takes more space in phone memory than other Whatsapp mods because it requires a higher Android version (4.2 or newer).

In general, if your phone can run on Jelly Bean or KitKat, then you should go for OGWhatsApp APK MOD, not others. And if you need WhatsApp+ features like send/to receive large files, tweak contacts privacy, hide last seen, etc., then OGWhatsApp is the right choice for you.

Conversations may not be shown in chronological order in OGWhatsApp APK that could be confusing to some users. On the other hand, this MOD version has more hidden settings than other Whatsapp mods, which can improve your chatting experience.

Last but not least, you should consider it is whether there are any additional charges when using OGWhatsApp APK or GBWAP APK (like donate money or buy credits). However, there are no charges either for downloading OGWhatsApp APK or sending messages with it. It’s 100% free!

Highlights of the OGWhatsapp!

  • 1. Group admin can change group name and Icon.
  • 2. Ability to schedule a post in chat
  • 3. Groups: Mode, Privacy, Name, and Description
  • 4. Change Fonts of conversations
  • 5. Hide Online status, last seen, and profile photo
  • 6. Custom Theme support
  • 7 . Lots of other chat improvements such as message grouping, contacts without numbers, etc…(check the changelog for more info). Note: If you face any issues after flashing the mod, please uninstall and flash the original WhatsApp again from the APKok.Net website.
  • 8. OGWhatsApp gets updated very frequently, so expect regular updates on mods here also.
  • 9. OGWhatsapp is available for download; follow the link below to get started!

Features of OGWhatsapp on Android latest?

  1. Removed all in-app advertising
  2. Unlimited chat recipients for Group chats
  3. More than 300 emoji with unlimited sending time
  4. Beautiful themes with the ability to choose different colors.
  5. Ability to make group administrators invisible/visible
  6. The possibility to change cover photo and name of the group directly in-app
  7. The possibility to see when the person was online last time in his contact card
  8. See who viewed your profile in the Recent Visitors section. Optionally you can disable this feature completely or only for specific contacts groups (for example, if you don’t want that someone sees when you have viewed their profile, you can disable this feature for their group only)
  9. Ability to download shared media by group participants automatically (you can change this option in the Settings menu)
  10. Ability to search for specific text inside all chat history (only available if your device is running Android 5.0+)
  11. See phone numbers that are hidden behind usernames directly in the recent contacts section. It works only if the sender doesn’t encrypt his contact list and the receiver’s database contains at least one of these “hiding” numbers.
  12. Enhanced contact cards – added animation to records owned by a particular contact. Now it is very easy to know who has sent you a message, call, or even game record. Also, there was added “delete all” button – in the particular chat section (just like in official WhatsApp)
  13. Ability to reply to messages from notifications. (only available if your device is running Android Lollipop+)
  14. Ability to hide “typing” and “sent” notifications by default; you can enable this option in Menu>Settings>Interface> Notifications> Disable typing and sent messages notifications. It will not affect notifications about: voice messages mentioned users and shared media (photos/videos, etc.)
  15. Ability to create hidden chats with self-destruct timer or lock them by a password for extra privacy protection. You can also move locked chats into a separate folder which is covered up too. All of these features are via Chat menu > More options > Create secret chat or lock chat. Chats with self-destruct timers are just ordinary ones; the only difference is that you can’t see their content after self-destructing.
  16. Ability to set your own notification tones for important chats (only available if your device is running Android 5.0+)
  17. Option to backup chats on Google Drive directly from the app (in Chat menu > More options > Backup)
  18. Ability to record audio messages up to one minute long instead of the old maximum time of 13 seconds. Recorded audio files will be saved in the “Recordings” folder inside OGWhatsApp’s private area, which is not accessible without a correct passphrase. Please note that the audio feature isn’t fully supported by all devices yet; some manufacturers restrict access to that folder.
  19. Ability to create 1:1 message with increased media limits (sender’s limit – 64 images, 60 videos, 5 documents and receiver’s limit – 64 images, 10 videos)
  20. New transition effects for pictures in chat bubbles. You can disable them in Chats>Chat Bubbles>Transition effects. It works only if your device is running Android 4.4+.
  21. New feature in v2.3+: “send all” button in one chat overview. If you have several ongoing chats which are not group chats, then you can choose a specific recipient by clicking on his/her contact card in the recent contacts section located near the search field.

Reviews OGWhatsapp Plus MOD 2021

Rating: 2.5 – This OGWhatsapp APK application provides many interesting features that can help you get the most out of conversations with your friends, family members, or other people.

Rating: 3.8 – With so much OGWhatsApp has to offer, you will be able to enjoy all your messages, images, and videos sent to your friends in different ways than before because you will have access to them instantly.

Rating: 4.2 – OGWhatsapp mod for android phones is now completely open-source, which means there are no limitations on how it should be used after installation. Just like any other Android application, you can customize it the way you want.

Rating: 4.5 – OGWhatsApp apk is also very customizable, which makes it stand out even further amongst other chat apps for Android.

Rating: 3.3 – With this software installed on your smartphone, you can access different types of channels easily and communicate with people all over the world.

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