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🔃 Update: November 30, 2021
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Do you need a video player that can adjust lighting, volume, and playback speed?

With PLAYit VIP MOD, you can adjust lighting, volume, and playback speed right on the video playback screen. The operations are just swiping left, right, or up, down according to each area of the screen. It’s so easy! You don’t have to worry about missing anything in your videos anymore with this handy app.

PLAYit is also very lightweight, which means it doesn’t take up much space on your phone and uses less battery power than other apps do. So download PLAYit now for free!

Download PLAYit today for free from Google Play Store!

What is PLAYit APK?

PLAYit APK is the perfect video player for you! With PLAYit’s simple drag-and-drop controls, you can effectively control lighting and volume right from the screen. You don’t have to worry about missing anything in your videos anymore with this handy app.

Playit is also lightweight, which means it takes up less space on your phone and uses less battery power than other apps do. So get PLAYit now for free!

Highlights of the PLAYit VIP MOD app

  • You can control light and sound from the video playback screen.
  • Play videos in a popup mode for multitasking.
  • Watch your favorite movies or shows on the go, anytime you want to!
  • Download videos from social media sites.
  • No need to download a video app for each site.
  • Save memories of your favorite moments with friends and family.
  • It’s very simple to use; just tap on ‘play’, and you’re set!
  • Listen to your favorite artist anytime.
  • Find your favorite songs instantly.
  • Convert all your files into mp3s for free.
  • Get the music you want, when you want it.
  • Feel like you’re discovering new songs every day.

Feature of PLAYit MOD Unlocked VIP on Android

You can watch videos anywhere, anytime.

With PLAYit, you can adjust lighting and volume by swiping left or right on the video playback screen. You are also able to speed up or slow down videos while playing them with swipe gestures as well.

In it, the left side of the screen is where you can adjust the light volume. In between, they are buttons to zoom in/out and play a video in a popup format.

Even if I exit out of PLAYit while watching my favorite movie or show, it’ll automatically rotate itself horizontally/vertically without me having to turn on the rotation feature for device settings!

In addition, PlayIt also supports playing videos in popup mode with no lag even when exiting the app or turning off your phone’s orientation lock setting (rotation).

Easy to download videos from social media sites.

PLAYit allows you to download videos from social networking sites. For example, if I want to save a video on Facebook or Twitter, I first go into the app and search for it using their URL bar.

Once there is an option available in green labeled “video”, click on this link which will direct me towards my desired file. PLAYit currently provides support for most major platforms such as YouTube, Instagram…

Track the progress and speed of downloads

Want to control your downloads? Tap the arrow icon in the upper right corner of any screen. Read about downloaded and loaded files, see download speed & progress, or cancel if you’d like!

PLAYit is a great music player that can scan all songs once permission has been granted; just go to “All Songs” by tapping on it from anywhere within this app.

You can find and sort your favorite songs.

PLAYit is a music player that makes it easy to find and sort your favorite tracks.

You can search for songs by album, artist, type of file… If you don’t have any mp3s on your device or want exclusive content (that’s only in m4p format), use PLAYit’s converter tool to convert the files into an mp3.

Select the track(s) from within the app, then let them run through automatically!

  1. Express yourself with colors that match your mood!

PLAYit is a popular app that has two themes, Dark Color and Light Color. You can switch between the colors when accessing “Theme.” Themes range from 500 coins to 2,500, depending on its design.

Some of the most common are Black Marble and Moonlight Monet Painting Iron Mecha Need for Speed Nature Green…

  1. Playit has the most up-to-date music and videos.

Playit is the total package for any music, video enthusiast. It has everything you’re looking for in an app! It’s a free download, and it even includes VIP features with the MOD APK version.

# Install and use PLAYit MOD APK free on APKOK.NET

You are looking for a music player that can help you listen to songs. But you have not found one yet.

Now, with PLAYit MOD APK, you will be able to find the perfect music player for yourself! This application is very easy to use and has many features that make it great! It also has a lot of good songs available in its database, which makes it even better!

In addition, this application is always updated, so there will be new songs added every day as well. So if you want to listen to more kinds of music from all over the world, then try out PLAYit MOD APK right now!

With PLAYit MOD VIP APK, you can enjoy unlimited free music on any device! No matter where you go or what mood you’re in, there is always a song for every occasion.

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