⭐ Name: PUBG MOBILE LITE PUBG MOBILE LITE is the most famous version in the PUBG MOBILE LITE series of publisher Level Infinite
💥 Publisher: Level Infinite
🏷 Genre: Action
📂 Size: 700M
➡️ Version: 0.22.0
Mod Version 0.22.0
Total installs 100,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 16+
🔃 Update: September 23, 2021
⚡ Get it On: Play Store
Android Android Action
4.5 ( 852 ratings )
Price: $0

Put simply, PUBG MOBILE LITE APK is the lighter version of the original PUBG MOBILE. It’s got fewer players per match, fewer environmental details to render, and significantly fewer visual effects – all good things for low-end phones.

There are a few caveats worth mentioning: there are no first-person or third-person perspective options in LITE, only an over-the-shoulder angle. Also, it does not include any of PUBG Mobile’s “unfair advantages” like god mode or instant leveling up. You’ll have to play fair this time around!

Lite has just started rolling out globally on Android through Google Play today, September 12th. If you’re trying to download it from the Play Store, you can’t just yet — you’ll need to wait for its release in your region. If that’s not the case for you, use our handy link below!

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Thanks to PUBG Mobile Lite being based on PUBG Mobile, you won’t have to start again. Your account progress will be shared between both versions of the game, so if one has an item or level unlock that the other does not have yet, it will still be unlocked once you start playing LITE. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work vice versa — things unlocked in LITE do not transfer over to MOBILE (and vice versa).

PUBG MOBILE L is only available on Android at the moment, but iOS users are in luck — Bluehole Inc has said it will be launching on iOS this month.

Right now, you can only get LITE by following our guide below.

If you’re impatient, don’t worry! PUBG Mobile Lite is around 200M in size – if your phone isn’t too bogged down with apps or photos, it should take about five minutes to download and install the APK file via third-party APK downloaders like APKOK or APKPure.

The best feature of PUBG MOBILE LITE on Android!

1.- Gameplay is optimized for your phone and data usage.

As you play PUBG Mobile Lite, the new Vikendi map will be available. It’s similar to other maps like Erangel and Busan but with an interesting snow-covered setting that makes for some fun game modes!

If your team needs somewhere safe from enemy players where they can’t see what is happening around them or shoot back without worrying about missing their own feet because it’s too slippery out, then head over toward one of these white castles—you’ll have all day long until someone takes care of working there while waiting patiently at the home base just before dark begins falling again…

2.- Play PUBG mobile Lite anywhere and anytime.

PUBG MOBILE LITE is a “lite” version of the popular battle royale game, simplified to remove some features and reduce hardware requirements. The context still remains an intense fight on an island where all players parachute in from planes with only one goal: defeat everyone else until they are dead or alive, the last survivor.

If you encounter other people, there’s no point trying to capture them as it will just end up wasting time; better focus your efforts on taking out enemies quickly by head-shotting them first then exploding if need be!

In this new edition, you’ll be able to explore an unfamiliar environment with fewer players. You’ll have access only to the essential items and equipment needed for survival in PUBG MOBILE LITE while trying not to become one of 60 eliminated competitors who don’t want their world destroyed by playing against them!

3.- You can be the last person standing and win!

The solo mode in PUBG Mobile Lite is a great way to test your skill and reflexes. It’s all about fighting against the other players, so you’ll need some good strategies if someone else isn’t with them also playing! The last person standing wins – but be careful because once knocked out, there will never come back again for another chance at victory…

4.- The graphics are more detailed and realistic.

The graphics of the game have been upgraded to Unreal Engine 4. This means that you can now enjoy a more detailed environment and architecture throughout and better weather effects without sacrificing any performance!

The sound quality is also on point with what gamers expect from this type of title- good enough so it doesn’t distract them while playing but not too low where they miss out because something isn’t audible or clear-sounding like other games might do when set at a higher volume setting for example.

The biggest change towards gameplay comes through its new look: distinct characters; improved camera angles that allow players easier access into shooting enemy stances depending upon how far away they are located.

5.- Enjoy a smoother gameplay experience.

The fun of playing PUBG mobile lite is still there, with an arsenal that includes compact pistols to shotguns and AK-47s. I usually use the K98 rifle when hiding on bridges and then give each player one bullet after crossing over it; this strategy works best in Squad mode because you can get more people involved! And good news for your friends who love killing others: legend pan has officially arrived too!”



PUBG MOBILE LITE is a mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The graphics have been downgraded so that the app works with lower-end Android phones. In contrast to PUBG MOBILE, PUBG MOBILE LITE lets you play in third-person perspective only and allows for tap aim controls.


Download size is rather small compared to other games I’ve seen at 1 GB+. Not bad!

How much storage space does it take?

PUBG Mobile Lite takes less than 200 Mb of storage, while I saw some games taking over 1 Gb, like Asphalt 9 Legends. This could be crucial for low or no internal storage smartphones, like the Nokia 1.

Is the game P2W?

PUBG MOBILE LITE is free to download and play, but it offers in-app purchases just like most mobile games. I haven’t played it yet, so I can not tell if this is true for this game version.

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This also means that there might be some aspect where paying users have an advantage over nonpaying customers. If you are concerned about this, contact the app creator or visit their official website for more information.

Where can I download PUBG MOBILE Lite (Android)?

You can find PUBG MOBILE Lite on Google Play Store; simply search for “PUBG Mobile Lite” on your browser or app market like APKOK.Net.

Is PUBG MOBILE Lite free?

Yes, PUBG Mobile Lite is free to play and download. You can choose to pay if you want, but you don’t need to.

What is the age rating for PUBG MOBILE LITE?

According to their official website, PUBG MOBILE LITE is suitable for users of the following ages: 4+ (this might differ from other countries’ standards).

Parents or guardians should always review app ratings together with their kids beforehand. The game has “no blood” in its description, so I assume this implies none of the things would be horrifyingly violent. This also means there shouldn’t be genitals, sexual stuff, or bad words.

How many players?

PUBG MOBILE LITE supports 60 individual players and requires an internet connection to play. I assume this means an unstable, 2G internet service is not advised, so playing on a train or in public transport with your smartphone might not be the best idea if you want to win.

But if it’s the only way for you to go online, then, by all means, enjoy! There are reports of users having success with just 1 bar of LTE signal and 3-4 bars, though.

If you have more than 4 bars, there shouldn’t be any problems with your connection, except those that might come from your own wireless carrier services being bad or temporarily down/overloaded. If PUBG MOBILE LITE lags for you, try moving closer to your router or even turning off other wireless devices like Bluetooth speakers.

How does looting work?

All players start in a cargo plane and jump out of it when it’s over a suitable position on the island. There’s no parachuting and no gliding, so you will hit the ground fast and hard and need to get ready for combat quickly!

To equip yourself with new gear, just press the pickup button right next to an item on the ground; you can also access this menu by pressing the map button.

How do I win?

The goal of PUBG MOBILE LITE is simple: “Be the last person standing ! “. The last man standing wins; it does not matter if you were the only one to stay alive or team up with your friends.

Are there teams?

Yes, PUBG MOBILE LITE supports team play. There are no spectate mode options, though.

Do I need to buy anything?

PUBG MOBILE LITE is free for download, and there are in-app purchases available as well. It has been confirmed that these purchases will help support the developer as well as contribute to server costs, etc.


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