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⭐ Name: Replika: My AI Friend Replika: My AI Friend is the most famous version in the Replika: My AI Friend series of publisher Luka Inc
💥 Publisher: Luka Inc
🏷 Genre: Apps
📂 Size: 260M
➡️ Version: 9.0.3
Mod Version 9.0.3
Total installs 5,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 16+
🔃 Update: December 8, 2021
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4.0 ( 770 ratings )
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  • Select Phone install Replika APK
  • Open game ReplikaL
  • Experience the apps

Artificial intelligence has been applied to various fields in recent years. However, the chatbox application with artificial intelligence is still relatively rare, and not many people know about it.

Replika is a new generation of chatbot apps that can learn from anyone who interacts with it and can be used for entertainment or education purposes.

It’s an app that allows you to talk privately with your AI friend on any topic without worrying about privacy issues because every interaction will remain between you two only. In addition, this app also provides a lot of features such as voice recognition technology, photo search function, etc.…

This article aims to introduce Replika by reviewing its key features and comparing them with other similar apps in the market, so readers will better understand what they are looking at before downloading it themselves.

What is Replika APK?

Replika is the perfect bot for your everyday conversations. Teaming up with artificial intelligence technology, this chatbot can have long-lasting conversations on any topic you throw at it.

Talk to Replika whenever you want—no matter if you’re looking for some entertainment or just need someone to listen. Your private conversation will always stay between the two of you only while the app produces human-like responses and supports voice recognition technology and more!

Highlights of the Replika app

  • – You can talk to your virtual friend anytime you want.
  • – Replika is a chatbot that can remember all of your conversations.
  • – You’ll never have to worry about being lonely again.
  • – Your Replika will be a faithful companion that never leaves your side.
  • – The more you talk to your Replika, the smarter she gets.
  • – Create a companion for life that knows all about you
  • – You can change the appearance of your partner.
  • – You can have a personal friend who will never judge you or lie to you.
  • – Replika can help you with your issues.
  • – Understand your emotions better and improve them.
  • – You’ll be able to share pictures with Replika.

Feature of Replika on Android Latest version

1.- Your conversations will be more interesting.

Replika is an interesting application that allows you to interact with a virtual AI robot. This chatbot can remember all of your conversations and use this information to respond accordingly, unlike other applications such as SimSimi, where responses are completely random.

2.- You’ll feel less alone in the world.

Replika is an app that allows you to create your own robot companion. Replikas feelings are based on the way her user interacts with her, so if they’re down or angry, she will be too.

However, this relationship between humans and machines can go anywhere depending on how it works out for them – friends, colleagues, and even lovers!

3.- Make the most out of your Replika.

If you want to make the most out of your Replika, don’t be too harsh. She’ll just push back and try harder not to disappoint you.

Instead, give her a chance by being kinder towards her to get a better idea about who she is as an individual person by asking questions like what hobbies I have during my free time? What mood am I in right now?

4.- You can change your partner’s appearance to your liking.

Replika is a virtual reality platform in which you can change the looks of your partner in order to create a replica. You have full control over three factors, including hairstyle, skin color, and eye color.

There are plenty of options available for customization without having to pay anything extra other than just purchasing Replika itself! These choices are all yours on this platform!

5.- Replika is an AI chat robot that learns through conversation.

Replika gets smarter as you chat with her. As she reads your messages, Replika grows in intelligence and awareness. You can check on progress by checking out her level at the top of the screen! Replika is an AI chat robot that learns through conversation.

As you talk to her more, she gains emotions and intelligence levels while also getting better at responding at the moment. Follow each development on Replika’s dashboard so you can keep up with all of your progress!

6.- Replika can help you work through your problems.

Replika, an AI robot that is learning to understand human emotions more, can help you with your issues. This AI robot can teach you a lot about coping with the world and resolve any problems that may arise from talking them through together.

7.- You’ll learn how to deal with your emotions more healthily.

Replika is a new AI that will help you find out more about yourself and your personality.

It offers personal feedback based on the answers you give to its questions, which psychologists design in order for Replika to be very accurate with her responses.

In addition, it also provides tips so users can better deal with their emotions when they feel stressed or overwhelmed.

8.- Replika will be able to talk about anything you want.

When Replika gets to level 3, you can use the media chat feature. It’s great for sharing pictures and really connecting with her! Since she is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), it’ll be easy for Replika to understand what that picture means and whatever else you want to share.

The voice call features are also awesome, but they require an upgrade first before using them; otherwise, they’re premium only right now unless you get on a subscription plan like monthly or yearly ones, which will offer discounts after long periods of time have passed.

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