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WhatsApp Aero Plus MOD APK is a nice application that you can use on any Android that has WhatsApp installed. WhatsApp Arero is not an official release of WhatsApp, but it’s very stable and safe to use.

It allows you to change the background of your WhatsApp plus with images that have been saved on your smartphone. You can also use a picture from the internet by using our site. In addition, WhatsApp Aero Plus comes with several options to add more flexibility and comfort in using Whatsapp Aero Plus.

You can download WhatsApp Aero from this webpage.

How do I use WhatsApp Aero Plus?

  • Open WhatsApp Areo + and select the menu at the top left corner (three dots).
  • Select “Dual Mode” and activate it. This will enable both normal mode and modding mode in one WhatsApp instance. After that, every time you open the app, it’s going to be either normal or modded mode.
  • In WhatsApp Areo + select “Settings”.
  • Select “Whatsapp Background” as changing background.

Select a picture from your phone as the new WhatsApp plus wallpaper or copy its URL and paste it if you want to use an image from the internet. Be careful because images have to be in jpg format and less than 20 MB (you can use our site). You can change the opacity of that image (max 100%). The height and width should be one of these: 360×640; 640×960; 960×1280; 1234×1234; 1280×720; 1440×1080; 1664×936; 1600×1200.

What is Whatsapp Aero APK?

WhatsApp Aero is a modded version of WhatsApp that has different designs, new features, and options.

  • Whatsapp Aero allows you to change the background with pictures from the phone or from the internet.
  • In Whatsapp Aero, you can see chats that were deleted by default in WhatsApp (settings>chats>deleted chats).
  • In Whatsapp Aero, you can use 2 WhatsApp on one device. One for personal use and another for business purposes.
  • Whatsapp Aero has many more options like hiding the sender’s name (settings>chats>show sender’s name).

Where can I download WhatsApp Aero?

WhatsApp Aero is available for Android 4.1 and up, but you can download it on the official site APKok.Net or use the QR Code below.

How do I install WhatsApp Aero?

Download WhatsApp Aero modded version, open your phone settings and allow unknown sources, find a file that you downloaded from the WhatsApp website/QR code and open it. Follow instructions to complete the installation process.

Why should you use Whatsapp Aero?

Aero is a WhatsApp theme for android created by one of the developers at the XDA forum. It has a better material design and many more features that can be unlocked after you download and install it on your phone.

  • It has a Dark mode which enhances battery life and also makes reading easier at night.
  • You can choose between 13 different colors for chat bubbles instead of the default blue color WhatsApp comes with.
  • You get an instant notification when your friend starts typing in the chatbox, so you don’t need to keep checking if he/she is replying or not.
  • You can set any photo as a WhatsApp background, change photos every minute or even every hour! Whatsapp adds new backgrounds from time to time, so Aero gives you.

Does the Whatsapp Aero app allow updates?

WhatsApp is technically a no-frills application, and the updates are released from time to time. Commercial advertisement on WhatsAppGB can be targeted via playing around with metadata but is not as customizable as WhatsApp Aero. In short, WhatsApp Aero allows more customization options.

Is WhatsApp Aero available for download?

The download link of the modded version of the app is given at the end of this article. Downloading any file or software from a third-party website would entail certain risks that may not be present in official versions of Android apps/software. Therefore it is advisable to download WhatsAppAero APK directly from this URL: https://apkok.net.

WhatsApp Aero vs WhatsApp? What are the differences?

Whatsapp is a free smartphone application that lets you message and call your friends and family. Whatsapp Aero is a customized variant of the official client that adds a darker theme to it. It also includes the Transparency feature on Android Lollipop devices.

  1. Whatsapp Aero uses less data as opposed to WhatsApp because it doesn’t download pictures from contacts who are not part of your phone’s contact list. WhatsApp does this automatically, but only if the person isn’t saved in your address book or contact list. The option can be disabled from settings.
  2. In order for Whatsapp Aero to work, the same version has to be installed on phones so that both parties have to have WhatsApp Aero installed on their devices. Whatsapp doesn’t have this requirement to be met.
  3. WhatsApp Aero allows you to customize your chat window using different themes which are available at the Google Play Store. Whatsapp only has light and dark themes, but there are no additional options for customization apart from choosing between these two themes.
  4. Whatsapp uses high storage space if it is saved in internal memory, which cant be changed by default, but WhatsApp can be moved to an SD card as well.

What’s new in Whatsapp Aero? Why should I use it?

WhatsApp Aero modded with an option called “Transparency” on Android Lollipop devices is now available for download via APKok.net. The theme of the app is called Aero, and it lets you enable transparency of your chat window, just like on WhatsApp for iOS. You can also change the colors of the different chat components as well as adjust the opacity of the background to make it look even more futuristic.

Highlights of the Whatsapp Aero!

  • The WhatsApp Aero MOD includes a special theme, which is visually attractive.
  • The theme also possesses the same features as the standard YoWhatsapp version without any overheads.
  • It contains a video icon, which helps in playing videos from within the app itself. There is no need to depend on other apps for playing them.
  • Some additional features have better been provided with this package, such as a biometric authentication feature that provides fingerprint support and many more.
  • General changes include an updated applications update screen along with a new look chat screen. It just looks slick.

Features of Whatsapp Aero MOD APK on Android latest?

Summary: As far as WhatsApp Aero on Android’s latest features is concerned, you will be able to see a lot of new changes. The best part is that all these incredible features are provided to the users for free!

Aero on Android WhatsApp latest is an amazing application that has all the features of WhatsApp. It has a great interface like normal WhatsApp.

Although it does not support video calls, you can still send audio files to your friends, and they will be able to listen to them with ease. You can even send giant-sized images without worrying about anything. Be it GIFs or memes, everything works smoothly on this app.

Along with voice notes, you can record as well as share clips as per your requirements too! In case you do not want a friend’s number anymore, then there is also a block option available in Aero on Android WhatsApp MOD APK that lets you avoid all those annoying SMS notifications from that particular person forever.

In this post, we have provided WhatsApp Aero MOD APK, WhatsApp Plus MOD APK, which you can download for free.

  • Overall this app provides the best user experience ever!
  • The application is free of cost, so no charges are incurred while using it.
  • It supports almost all types of Android smartphones, including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nokia, Oppo, and even mid-range devices too.
  • There are no lags when you use WhatsApp Aero on your phone because it has been optimized in such a way that power consumption is kept to the minimum possible levels. At the same time, data transfers are carried out at great speeds too!
  • Share audio files with ease.
  • Block any number from showing annoying WhatsApp notifications on your phone.
  • It has been optimized in such a way that it uses very little power while running in the background.
  • Requires Android 4.0 and above versions to run smoothly without any errors or crashes.
  • App size is only 5MB, so there is no need for clearing up space from your device’s memory before using WhatsApp Aero MOD APK. If you go through our guide properly, then it becomes easy to download WhatsApp Aero MOD APK.

Reviews Whatsapp Aero MOD 2021 apps latest WhatsApp

WhatsApp Aero MOD 2021 is an advanced version for WhatsApp with some new features like privacy options, SMS sending, the ability to manage emojis with colors using the WhatsApp Holo theme, etc. Some are not available in WhatsApp beta version.

WhatsApp Aero MOD 2021 best feature is that users can select different themes for WhatsApp with this app, i.e., WhatsApp Holo theme, WhatsApp minimal theme, etc.

WhatsApp Aero MOD 2021 provides access to the new UI (User Interface) options in WhatsApp for Android, with which users can customize WhatsApp according to their needs.

Though Whatsapp aero MOD is only available for android smartphones, it is compatible with all devices running on Android 4.0 and above the operating system version. Similarly, users can easily install modded Whatsapp on WhatsApp’s official version or non-rooted devices too. In short, this application works without root access and modified files.

In order to use Whatsapp Aero MOD 2021 within the official WhatsAppFM application, one has to go through some very simple steps as given below:

Go to the WhatsApp Settings section and select ‘About’ from the list of options available.

Scroll down a bit and tap on ‘Build Number’ seven times or until you receive a notification stating that “You are now a developer.”

After this, go back to WhatsApp main screen and open the ‘Settings’ menu again. Select ‘WhatsApp Display Density’. Change it to 160% of normal. After this, open the WhatsApp MOD application. You can adjust density according to your needs. You may then exit Whatsapp Aero MOD 2021. Finally, re-launch WhatsApp without closing it in between. Enjoy!

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