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⭐ Name: Wolf Tales - Online Wild Animal Sim Wolf Tales - Online Wild Animal Sim is the most famous version in the Wolf Tales - Online Wild Animal Sim series of publisher Foxie Ventures
💥 Publisher: Foxie Ventures
🏷 Genre: Role Playing
📂 Size: 220M
➡️ Version: 200251
Mod Version 200251
Total installs 5,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 12+
🔃 Update: December 15, 2021
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4.1 ( 805 ratings )
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You love wolves. You want to see a wolf in real life, but you don’t have the time or money for a trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Wolf Tales is an online wolf simulator that lets you play with wolves from your computer.

The game has stunning graphics and sounds, which will make it feel like you’re playing with wild animals.

It’s easy to get started! Just download the free game on your computer, sign up using Facebook or Google+ and start exploring this exciting world of wild animals today!

What is Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim APK?

Start as an inexperienced pup and grow into an alpha wolf. Be the alpha of your pack, fight for territory in online multiplayer games against other players with wild animals. Wolf Tales is free to download!

Highlights of the game Wolf Tales

  • – You’ll have a good time playing the game.
  • – It’s fun to play with other people from all around the world.
  • – The story is captivating and immersive, drawing you into the plot of land disputes between packs.
  • – You’ll have a lot of fun playing the game.
  • – It’s challenging and exciting for all skill levels.
  • – There are no limits to what you can achieve in this game.
  • – The story will keep you on the edge of your seat as it unfolds before your eyes!
  • – You’ll learn about wolves and their social dynamics.
  • – You can design your wolf pack with the perfect balance of animal instincts.
  • – Your children will learn valuable life skills like hunting and defending themselves.
  • – You’ll get to play with a wolf.
  • – It’s a fun game.
  • – The graphics are so realistic, you can feel the wind in your fur!
  • – Become one of nature’s wildest predators and show off your skills.

Feature of Wolf Tales MOD Unlocked VIP?

1- Train your wolf and help it become a better hunter.

In Wolf Tales, you have to train your wolf and help it become a better hunter so that the pack can survive. You also need to keep order in the group as a leader by ordering around other wolves when necessary. In addition, there are stealth skills that allow for sneaking up on prey without being noticed or attacked first.

You can battle other players to grow your food source in the game. Join with fellow humans for pack battles when you are threatened or want more territory, and become a predator who fights against fellow wolves online in PvP battles.

2- You can be a wolf or any kind of animal you want!

In addition to being attacked by other wolves, you have to fight a wide variety of species in the wild. The special thing about wolves is that you can get other animals on your side.

The strategy I use in the game requires me to fight many different kinds of wild cats, foxes, and even dragons or mythical creatures! No one else can beat us now because our team has so much diversity.

Your territory is under attack. The beasts are coming, and it’s up to you to protect the humans’ safety with your combat skills as well as strength!

3- Feeling like a real wolf trainer.

Wolf Tales allows you to simulate life in the wild by breeding and training your own family of wolves. Like real wolf packs, this process begins with mating; new pups are raised until they’re old enough for combat experience.

The game is filled with realistic hunting simulations that will teach your children how to defend themselves against other predators while teaching them one step at a time about survival skills like fighting. You must train these little ones well if they want any chance of surviving threats from surrounding predators!

4- Fight for territory in the wild

Enter Wolf Tales, a game of beautifully detailed animals in their natural habitats. This immersive 3D simulation will have you on edge with every battle and mission over expanding your wolf family from the jungle to the arctic tundra!

Experience new levels as the day changes into the night or dive through tunnels for hidden treasure while escaping predators- all from high above the landscape. With realistic graphics that feel like real life meets vivid detail – it’s time to embrace nature’s wild side!

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