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⭐ Name: XCOM®: Enemy Within XCOM®: Enemy Within is the most famous version in the XCOM®: Enemy Within series of publisher 2K Inc
💥 Publisher: 2K Inc
🏷 Genre: Games
📂 Size: 21M
➡️ Version: 1.7.0
Mod Version 1.7.0
Total installs 100,000+
Content Rating Rated for 16+
🔃 Update: October 24, 2017
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4.0 ( 61 ratings )
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The aliens are stronger, smarter, and more cunning than ever. They have infiltrated into our society, building secret bases throughout the world.

It is up to you to lead a team of elite soldiers in fierce battles against enemy forces and stop their plan for domination.

Take command of your squad of soldiers and get ready for an exciting adventure! You will need tactical skills, combat experience, leadership abilities, and courage to overcome all obstacles on the way to victory over enemies that threaten our existence!

What is XCOM: Enemy Within APK?

Commander! The Earth is under siege by aliens, and it’s up to you and your squad of specialized soldiers to save it. Commanders, this special edition includes all the new content from the latest expansion: XCOM: Enemy Within.

Don’t miss out on these missions fused with unforgettable battles! Fight back against a pan-dimensional menace as you continue humankind’s last stand – and take control of command like never before in this critically acclaimed game for PC and Mac.

XCOM is an elite international military agency that combines strategy and turn-based tactics into a terrifying but addictive gaming experience. You take on the role of Commander to lead your troops in tandem with top-secret technology, waiting for the right time to strike without revealing any of your cards before you’re ready.

Ready yourself for a heart-racing fight against grave new challenges from unpredictable alien forces seeking nothing other than mass annihilation accounts from Earth’s fragile alliance.

XCOM: Enemy Within is a remake of the original, complete with expanded content and new additions. It will become your responsibility to control XCOM armies while giving orders at the command tower, keep a watchful eye out for this terrible conspiracy from inside the XCOM corps, and quell enemies from both within and outside.

Highlights of the game XCOM: Enemy Within

  • – You’ll have a world of adventure at your fingertips.
  • – Explore the globe with this list of places to go.
  • – Find new life experiences that you can’t get anywhere else on Earth.
  • – Earn points and upgrade your skills
  • – Upgrade weapons to use in battle.
  • – Become the hero of the galaxy!
  • – Army of the world’s most powerful and gallant warriors.
  • – You’ll be able to conquer your fears with this army on your side.
  • – The Assault warriors specialize in Shotguns, Machine Guns, and Heavy weaponry.
  • – You’ll feel more confident when you’re out on the battlefield with our team by your side.
  • – The game is more challenging than ever before.
  • – You can use the robots for investigating or surveying an enemy’s situation.
  • – Feel like a hero when you save the human race from extinction.
  • – You’ll be able to save your progress and continue from where you left off.
  • – You can recruit soldiers for the next mission.
  • – It’s a place of refuge, security, and safety in an otherwise dangerous world.
  • – You’ll be able to use various weapons and create the best strategy for your mission.
  • – Find out what works best for you.
  • – Increase your chances of winning with this one simple trick!
  • – You’ll have more success in battle.
  • – Your soldiers will be stronger and healthier.
  • – You’ll feel safer knowing you’re on the winning team.
  • – The game is beautiful and of high quality.
  • – Some cutscenes keep you in the game’s world.
  • – You’ll feel like an elite soldier fighting against aliens with your squadmates.
  • – The graphics are stunning.
  • – You can play as your favorite hero.
  • – It’s a never-ending battle that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
  • – Fun, exciting game
  • – 40+ levels to play
  • – A new adventure every time you play

Feature of XCOM: Enemy Within on Android!

1.- Explore new areas and find different missions.

If you’re looking to explore the world and find new places, then this list will help. There are many different areas in which players can venture, from jungles with lush vegetation that provide cover for lurking monsters or villages where people live their lives as always battle on top of one another during wars – there’s something here, no; matter what your preferences may be!

The missions are different too. Sometimes, it’s to rescue inhabitants of an area; other times, it is destroying the important base of your alien enemy, and sometimes you need to find weak points in their spaceship structure for new ships so everyone can use them!

The difficulty levels will determine what kind of rewards you earn during battles-depending on how well fought out each battle becomes (especially with upgrades); there may be upgrade bonuses given like weapons or skills upgrading amongst others…

2.- Become a legend of the battle

The XCOM Army is an eclectic group of the world’s most powerful and gallant warriors. They are skilled with their weapons and have unique individual skills that they can bring to bear in battle, making them unstoppable against any adversary!

We have Assault warriors specializing in Shotguns, Machine Guns, and Heavy weaponry to ensure flexibility for any terrain. Next, our team has Supported with the ability to heal your whole squad as well increase their defense against incoming damage from enemies or Mechanical Equipment; not forgetting Sniper who can help shoot them quickly from afar – they’re expert marksmen when it comes down complex terrains like mountain ranges!

In addition to the human enemies, XCOM also has Mec Trooper and Drone robots that can investigate or survey an enemy’s situation.

There is a secret underground base for XCOM that they can all go to after completing each mission. It’s also where command decisions are made, research goes on in weapons, and soldier recruitment occurs; there are many different areas with their functions at this massive complex! You’ll be shocked when you see how big it gets – I bet no one could have imagined anything like this before…

You should combine weapons that have different functions to create the best strategy for your mission. For example, Mr. A uses a sniper rifle while on the opposite side of the battlefield; there’s B fighting hand-to-hand with a monster in another corner, C supporting both by providing heavy guns and silencers to make sure they win!

Upgrading soldiers is a great way to improve your odds in battle. Each soldier will typically upgrade two out of five body parts, with eye and brain being some examples that can be upgraded as well.

But if you choose the half-human Mec Trooper path, then it’s important not just because there are fewer usable skills but also due to resource consumption; this means sacrificing any current upgrades for future ones – which could lead one down an even more difficult than expected road has he/she failed at upgrading all those parts beforehand!

3.- The game’s graphics are high quality and beautiful.

The game has beautiful and high-quality graphics. The cutscenes are neither short nor long, but enough to bring players into the feeling of being stunned by alien monsters’ destructive power while still making them believe in XCOM warriors strength; there’s also plenty of fire effects like crazy on the street as well which makes for some really suspenseful battles when playing through this great installment!

You get to experience a never-ending battle as one of Earth’s greatest heroes in the game. Between quick blaster shots and loud explosions, there is always something exciting happening on screen with stunning graphics that are at times beautifully detailed or chaotic chaos for when things go wrong in front of your very eyes!

The voice acting should also not be forgotten because each character has their own personality, which shows just how much work went into making this amazing product by itself

*The output will continue later after reading more about what they mentioned above (there are too many details!).

4.- With 40 different maps and missions, you’ll never be bored!

Madness has been unleashed. This is one mobile game you don’t want to miss out on! With 40 epic maps, insane enemies, and missions that are always changing, there will never be a dull moment when playing X-COM: Enemy Within for your Android device Today !!!

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