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⭐ Name: YouTube YouTube is the most famous version in the YouTube series of publisher Google LLC
💥 Publisher: Google LLC
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📂 Size: 65M
➡️ Version: 16.48.35
Mod Version 16.48.35
Total installs 10,000,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 12+
🔃 Update: December 9, 2021
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YouTube APK MOD is a great app, but it’s not perfect.

We know that you want to make the most of your time on YouTube, and we want to help!

That’s why we created our premium version, which includes features like ad-free videos, background play for music, and more. You can even download videos so you can watch them offline!

The best part? It works across all devices, so you don’t have to worry about losing your progress or having any interruptions while watching your favorite shows.

And if you subscribe now, there are no ads in the free trial period either! So what are you waiting for? Subscribe today and get access to these amazing features right away!

Click this link right now and sign up for a free trial of the YouTube Premium APK version today!

What is YouTube APK?

YouTube APK is proud to present one of its newest developers, Minecraft. This game seamlessly combines creative play with social interaction, transforming the virtual car-building process into a fully immersive experience. (Wikipedia)

From creating your world and adjusting rocks and vegetation to exploring mysterious biomes such as jungles or swamps – if you can think it, you can do it! Look for this new hit from YouTube soon on all platforms.

YouTube is a platform that provides the best videos from all around the world. It hosts an enormous amount of content, from original productions to those being shown on other websites or TV channels under copyright restrictions. You can watch just about anything you want with this service!

Highlights of the YouTube MOD Premium apps

  • – You can watch your favorite celebrities anytime you want.
  • – It’s free to use.
  • – Connect with your idols in a one-on-one way and ask them questions!
  • – Livestreaming is a great way to increase your online presence.
  • – It’s easy to create an account and start streaming right away.
  • – Be the next Pewdiepie!
  • – Save time by not having to search for videos.
  • – Find something new and interesting every day.
  • – Spend your time watching what you want, when you want it.
  • – Share your moments with friends and family
  • – Be the star of your own video
  • – Capture memories in a whole new way
  • – You’ll never have to worry about inappropriate content.
  • – Your kids can watch without fear of being exposed to pirated content.
  • – You’ll never have to worry about violating YouTube’s policies.
  • – Your videos will be more visible and less likely to be removed from the site.
  • – Share your content without fear of it being taken down.
  • – Watch videos offline.
  • – Spend less time trying to find the perfect video.
  • – Never miss out on a trending video because you’re at work or in school.
  • – Play videos in the background even when your screen is off.
  • – No need to pay for a premium membership.
  • – Enjoy watching videos without interruptions.
  • – No interruption of your viewing experience.
  • – Ad-free and virus-free!
  • – You can finally watch your favorite movies in peace.
  • – No more ads.
  • – More content to watch.
  • – You can finally binge-watch your favorite show without interruption.

Feature of Youtube Premium MOD Unlocked on Android!

It’s like having your own TV channel.

YouTube is an online social media platform where celebrities who are singers or actors can be found. They sometimes do live streams for fans to interact with them and ask questions during the broadcast.

YouTube has integrated comments right next to (or below) videos so you can communicate directly with your idols when they stream on their channel!

Not only that, but the Livestream feature also provides a platform for streamers. Do you know Pewdiepie?

He’s one of YouTube’s leading famous YouTubers in the world who regularly live streams gaming to showcase unique products and demonstrate great content creation skills with his choice of games.

Of course, there are other ways to create an online channel or Livestream just like him!

Discover new content from around the world

The newest addition to YouTube is its discovery feature. This update helps you find your favorite content or discover new videos that editors handpick for their entertainment value and unique qualities.

The Story feature of YouTube is quite similar to the one on Facebook and Instagram. In this case, you can share your moments by uploading short videos that people can like, dislike or add comments on them just as they would with a post.

You’ll have a safe platform to share your videos.

YouTube is moderated to take down all pirated or inappropriate content that does not have a license.

YouTube reminds you of its community guidelines when your videos are reported too many times. This is to avoid any possible violation, and so users will not be offended by the content you share.

So, make sure that what you want to publish adheres to YouTube’s policies before sending it out for everyone else to see!

You’ll never miss a video from your favorite channel again.

YouTube has a neat feature that allows users to add videos on their phones. Videos are organized into collections or favorites, which you can download for viewing offline at any time.

Your videos will play even when your screen is off

Have you ever watched a video on YouTube when your phone screen is locked? It’s annoying — it pauses the movie whenever you lock or unlock the device.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an option to play videos in the background, even with your display off and without paying for premium membership? Fortunately, we have our own APK version of this feature that works great!

Advertisements are always an annoyance. Some video owners include advertisements in their videos, which forces the ad to play and interrupt your viewing experience (this is especially frustrating if you’re watching a full-length movie).

Luckily for all of us, this problem has been resolved with the Premium APK version because it does not have ads!

If you’re an Android user and the default Youtube app has too many ads for your liking, then download and use this link to get a Youtube Premium APK version that doesn’t contain those pesky ads.

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