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⭐ Name: Zombie Catchers – love to hunt Zombie Catchers – love to hunt is the most famous version in the Zombie Catchers – love to hunt series of publisher Deca Games
💥 Publisher: Deca Games
🏷 Genre: Action
📂 Size: 77M
➡️ Version: 1.30.21
Mod Version 1.30.21
Total installs 100,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 7+
🔃 Update: October 25, 2021
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Android Android Action
4.4 ( 760 ratings )
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In the game Zombie Catchers, you are a zombie catcher. You have to catch zombies and send them back to their graves by using different traps.

Playing this game makes you feel as if it is really happening in the world. It will make your heart beat faster when a zombie is coming towards you. The smell of blood would attract more zombies to come closer and eat people’s brains!

Playing games like Zombie Catchers helps us relax after having a hard day at work or school because we can release our stress while playing the game! We also get excited about catching those sneaky zombies with all kinds of weapons such as guns, bombs, axes, etc., which gives us some new ideas on how to deal with real-life problems!

What is Zombie Catchers APK?

Zombie Catchers APK is a card game where you bet on how many zombie cards your opponent will catch and collect a reward for each zombie they catch.

If zombies don’t take over the world, as unlikely as that may be, this game can still provide hours of entertainment, challenges, and opportunities to make new (or even undead) friends.

Feature of Zombie Catchers MOD Money latest on Android!

Hours of fun with a challenging and addictive game.

Zombies have eaten too many human brains, so it’s time to eat them. Unlike other depictions of zombies in which they are scary and overwhelming, every single zombie that sees you (the two main characters) is scared off instead as if the sight alone was enough for them to run away from your presence!

In this game, you are either A.J or Bud, and your mission is to catch zombies with a harpoon to advance levels as quickly as possible. The gameplay of the game requires strategy similar to that found in puzzle games because it means solving problems fast!

First, use brains from surroundings luring out hiding zombies, then tie them up when caught by shooting them into the air with balloons until they’re taken away by spaceship colleagues for processing (and snacks). Get nets & guns if necessary using currency earned through catching more survivors/zombies!

You’ll be able to escape from the zombie horde.

When encountering zombies, a few seconds of paralysis could make all the difference.

If you manage to catch them while they are distracted by throwing stones or sticks at your head, use this opportunity to get away from danger and find a good hiding place until they’ve given up looking for you!

You’ll feel like an expert catching zombies in no time at all!

When attempting to catch zombies in Zombie Catchers, you should make sure that they know your presence while being out of their detection range. Drop the brain and immediately hide behind a large rock or tree for safety if necessary.

If it is too late for this step, though, then do not worry because instead of eating the brains like normal, these creatures will run away from sight or, even worse, get scared off by your foolish attempts at catching them without proper preparation!

It’s easier to catch zombies and get a high score.

The start of the game is especially busy because there are many obstructing animals. If you touch them like snakes and bats, your zombie-catching process will be paralyzed for a few seconds, making it harder to get coins.

To make this easier on yourself from early in the game, I suggest using either a gun or spear to clean these up right away so that you can collect more easily without any obstacles standing in your way!

You’ll be able to unlock more weapons.

In Zombie Catchers, you have to upgrade weapons and buy special ones using Plutonium. You should take advantage of it because this is a hard currency that can help unlock everything in the game.

However, if your level isn’t high enough for any weapon, then you won’t be able to use them unless they’re already unlocked by default without much effort or money needed on your part.

There’s no need for levels in our Mod APK version of the game since infinite money will give players what they want right away!

You’ll have a chance to win big prizes.

Zombie Catchers is a laid-back game with cute graphics, relaxing music, and simple controls. If you’re looking for something to relax after a stressful day of work, then this might be the perfect pick!

Are you ready to open your own Starbucks store? This time it’s called Zombie Juice, and that favorite drink will now turn people into zombies instead of just giving them their daily dose of caffeine.

Whats New:

- Bug Fixes

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